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Music and Stress


Consent Form


You are being asked to participate in a project conducted through Maryville University by Macy Thomas, Maryville senior seminar student and Dr. Peter Green, Associate Professor of Psychology. This project is being conducted in partial fulfillment of the course requirements for Senior Seminar at Maryville University and will be presented. Student candidates are learning to collect and assess data, so the results of the study may not be valid, but may be presented beyond this class. This course is in compliance with the Maryville University Institutional Review Board.


The purpose of this research is to see the correlation between stress levels and music listening in college students. If you agree to participate you will listen to a piece of music for 5 minutes then take a quick survey. The research will take twenty minutes to complete. This project is not expected to involve risks of harm any greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life. The benefits of this study include learning how music listening can reduce stress levels.


All of your responses will be anonymous and will be kept confidential. In addition, no individual data from this project will be shared. Group results and data will be shared with members of the senior seminar course, and faculty of the arts and science at a professional conference.


Your participation is voluntary and that there is no penalty for your refusal to participate.  You need not answer all questions and you are free to withdraw your consent and to discontinue your participation at any time.  In the event of your early withdrawal, any information that you have provided up to that time will be destroyed. 


If you have any questions regarding this study, or if any problems arise, you may contact the researcher, Macy Thomas at or the supervising faculty member, Dr. Peter Green at (314) 529-9428. You may also ask questions, state concerns regarding your rights as a research subject, or express any feelings of pressure to participate by contacting: Dr. Robert Bertolino, Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Maryville University, (314) 529-9659.


Maryville University investigators and their colleagues who are conducting research recognize the importance of your contribution to the research studies, which are designed to improve educational learning environments.  Maryville University investigators and their staffs will make every effort to minimize, control, and treat any complication that may arise as a result of this research.        


Maryville University recognizes its federally mandated responsibility to ensure that research be conducted in an ethical and scholarly manner, respecting the rights and welfare of all the human participants. Any research misconduct, including but not limited to fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing and reviewing research, or in reporting research results; should be reported to Dr. Tammy Gocial, the Research Integrity Officer at (314) 529-6893.


Advancing to the survey will signify your implied consent to participate. You are agreeing to participate in this study based on the information presented to you.  You may choose to withdraw without prejudice or penalty.  Please print a copy of this form which includes the name and phone number of the researcher and the IRB at Maryville University, should you have any questions. 


The date approval stamp on this consent form indicates that the project has been reviewed and approved by the Maryville University Institutional Review Board. 



Macy Thomas                                                                                         Sep. 26 2016

______________________________                                                ____________

Student Researcher                                                                             Date



Dr. Peter Green                                                                                        October 7 2016

______________________________                                                ____________

Supervising Faculty Member                                                             Date



Maryville University Institutional Review Board

Protocol Number: 15FA PSYC 480-02-11

Initiation Date: 10/21/16

Termination Date: 12/06/16